Barbour becomes the first brand to use Instagram’s video loop service

Barbour has become the launch partner for Instagram’s new video looping feature, as the social network steps up the video service for its platform.

The fashion brand’s videos will be displayed on loop, after Instagram introduced the feature last week (5 Feb). Barbour will take advantage of the feature with its #BarbourProse campaign which offers quotes from classic British authors to celebrate events like National Book Week. Today’s (9 Feb) quote features a line from William Shakespeare.

A spokesperson for Barbour told Marketing Week that the campaign is being used as a way to create topical conversations with the audience. The brand was approached by Instagram after the success of its ‘Barbour International Tour’ campaign on the platform, which saw high engagement with users.

Instagram’s new feature sees the platform attempt to secure its dominance in the mobile market, as various social networks such as Twitter and Snapchat have recently picked-up the pace in creating unique video features.

The photo-sharing app first introduced video on its platform in October 2014, and has slowly rolled out its ad services, working with the likes of Banana Republic, The C.W Television Network and Lancome.

During its latest earning’s results, Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer for the Facebook-owned brand spoke about Facebook’s intentions for the platform. She said: “We’re being deliberate in our rollout. We believe that Instagram will become core to advertisers and mobile brand building efforts.”

Instagram’s move to looping its ad videos sees it join the likes of Vine, which has become popular with its 6 second looping videos in the past year.



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