Barclaycard Freedom offers double reward promotion

Barclaycard Freedom, the reward programme launched by Barclaycard in March, is offering double Reward Money until 17 May.


The double Reward Money offer means that customers can earn 2% on most transactions alongside other special promotions and giveaways in store, until the 17th May.

To qualify, cardholders must log in online or register for mybarclaycard, Barclaycard’s online account service, which allows customers to see their Reward Money account.

The scheme launched at over 30,000 retail outlets on 17 March and reward money can be earned on purchases from brands including Npower, Shell and Pizza Express, as well as many small and medium sized retailers.

In the first two weeks of Barclaycard Freedom, Barclaycard says cardholders have earned a total of £164,936 in Reward Money.

Customers will see the value of their existing Reward Money balance appear on the card machine before they enter their PIN and can choose to redeem some or all of that existing Reward Money balance against that transaction.


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