Barclaycard launch aims to tackle household emissions

barclaycardBarclaycard is launching a credit card aimed at helping people meet the costs of tackling household carbon emissions. Barclaycard Breathe Easy will allow customers to borrow money to make their homes more energy efficient and repay the loan at a discounted rate.

The card, which will be launched in summer 2008, will also offer cardholders discounts from retailers for home improvements that increase energy efficiency.

The Breath Easy card is part of Barclays’ green strategy, which has seen increased focus this year. It already donates 50% of the profits made from its Breathe credit card, which was launched in July, to environmental projects dedicated to reducing carbon emissions around the world.

Barclays chairman Marcus Agius, who is also a member of the CBI’s Climate Change Task Force, says: “Many homeowners are put off investing in greater home energy efficiency by the cost of doing so and the long time it takes for their investment to pay them back in terms of lower energy bills. Barclaycard Breathe Easy addresses this challenge.”


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