Barclays kicks off Premier League bid to humanise its brand

Barclays has launched a TV ad to mark the start of its strategy to use the Premier League to own all moments of sportsmanship around football.

The advert was unveiled on the financial firm’s Facebook page today (16 August) to thank fans for the support they show to their clubs. It will air on TV this weekend and will be followed up by a second film that will be promoted in over 200 countries.

Both films will use the #YouAreFootball hashtag with Barclays hoping viewers use it in their discussions with other supporters.

The activity is part of a wider move from Barclays to use the Premier League to accelerate the recovery of its brand reputation after last year’s LIBOR rate rigging scandal. The brand’s reputation plummeted in the months following the revelations. However, its head of brand and reputation David Wheldon told Marketing Week earlier this year that it is “beginning to lead the pack again [in terms of brand reputation]”.

Barclays was forced to withdraw the advert just weeks after it launched following revelations it featured a registered sex offender. The bank has reedited the advert (see above).



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