Barclays launches online game to target young people

Banking brand Barclays has launched an online game set in a virtual city, aimed at attracting a younger demographic.

The game, called 56 Sage Street, launches next week and will be supported by activity on Facebook.

It puts players into the virtual city as a character that doesn’t have much money. By being sensible with their cash, they can then build up their money and status. The only Barclays branding within the game is on the virtual bank branches, which players have to visit.

56 Sage Street was created by ad agency BBH and production company B-Reel. If successful, Barclays plans to launch a second phase of marketing towards the youth market later in the year.

Last year Barclays announced plans to revamp its entire range of websites to focus on personalisation and create features such as desktop apps (nma 30 July 2009).

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