Barrymore’s slurry love call goes live

A few words from “Plastered of Plaistow”… Michael Barrymore can still party all night with the best of them.

Unfortunately, he proved this very publicly by calling Jonathan “Jono” Coleman on Heart 106.2’s breakfast show live last Monday morning to slur a message to his boyfriend, who listens to the show.

Barrymore said: “Hi Jono, I’ve been out all night. I haven’t been to sleep yet. Just wanted to let the old man at home know that I’m safe, and if he has a problem, I’m in Plaistow. That’s right, isn’t it lads?”

As Jono tried to get the still-tipsy Barrymore off air, he started to chat to Jono’s Morning Crew: “Del-boy, I saw you last night in the club. You shouldn’t be going to clubs like that, everyone knows you’re straight! And Erika, you’re not going with a girl like that are you? And Jono, you shouldn’t sit on people like that!” He then offered two listeners a free meal at his London restaurant.

Jono had given Barrymore the emergency phone number for the studio a couple of weeks earlier at a charity function, but never expected it to be used in quite this way!


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