Basics instinct at Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s is indulging in a spot of soul-searching. The chain, which has seen rival Tesco eat into its market share, has launched an internal review of its business.

The Diary learns that for some reason best known to themselves, Sainsbury’s directors are referring to the review as “back to basics”.

The review aims to find out how Sainsbury’s can return to the values that made it great.

But to borrow the phrase from a failed Conservative Party campaign does not bode well.

Especially as Sainsbury’s is now throwing its lot in with Tony Blair’s New Labour.


John Smith’s to sponsor new Jack Dee TV series

Marketing Week

John Smith’s, the Scottish Courage ale, is to sponsor its brand spokesman Jack Dee in his new show “Saturday Night” which will be broadcast on ITV from this month. The move is likely to create controversy about the relationship between brands and the celebrities they use to advertise them. This is believed to be the […]

Oscar II trial proves tough on audiences

Marketing Week

Individual poster sites will “lose” as much as 80 per cent of their audience under the Oscar II research system, which went on trial this week. The system, which has stricter visibility criteria for panels, estimates that traffic has to pass a poster five times before it is seen. But the research excludes pedestrians, who […]


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