Bass Ale launches TV ad campaign in the US

Bass Beers Worldwide is launching Bass Ale on television in the US for the first time, with an estimated $5m (3m) campaign.

The move, which comes two months after the launch of Caffrey’s Irish Ale in the US, represents the growing importance of international markets for Bass.

The new campaign – organised through the Guinness Bass Import Company – will start on Thanksgiving Day (November 28) and will run for four weeks in Atlanta, Phoenix and Providence. Created by Weiss Stagliano & Partners in New York and directed by Christopher Guest of Spinal Tap, the advertising features a character called the Bass Obsessed Man. He relates stories such as how Napoleon became so obsessed with Bass Ale he tried to brew it in Paris but failed. It carries the strapline: “Bass Ale. Legendary for a Reason.”

Bass Beers Worldwide marketing director Dominic Harrison says: “This is the first time Bass Ale has been on TV [in the US]. It is a significant commitment by Bass to build the brand in the biggest market in the world. It’s a definite underscoring of our international ambitions.”

In 1997, the Bass’ overseas sales of beer grew 34 per cent to 80m.

Bass is also launching a poster campaign for Caffrey’s in the US and plans to set up an agency roster for its international business.


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