Bass unveils new Tennent’s ‘smooth’ lager

Bass is launching a smooth version of Tennent’s lager, called Tennent’s SD, as part of its strategy of developing premium draught brands.

Tennent’s SD has an alcoholic strength of five per cent and is served ice cold. Like Guinness stout, it has to be left to settle.

The brand will mirror Carling Premier, a premium extension of Bass’s Carling brand, which is positioned as a smooth lager. All the major brewers are developing premium brands as standard lagers face stagnating sales.

This week, SD is being launched in 300 pubs in Scotland. If successful, a canned version will be developed and launched for the take-home trade across the UK.

Initially, the launch of Tennent’s SD will be backed by a below-the-line campaign by KLP, using the tag line “Seriously Different”.


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