Bates to handle launch of pioneering cable TV venture

Cable network Flextech has appointed Bates Communications to handle its 1m account to advertise its joint venture with cable operator, Telewest.

Bates Communications, part of the Bates Dorland group of companies, is promoting the Millennium package cable stations, as well as other Flextech special projects.

It is thought to be the first time a cable network (which runs channels) and a cable operator (which runs the cable infrastructure) have jointly promoted channels so closely.

Viewers will be able to subscribe to Telewest’s 12.99 a month package of 15 basic channels. To receive the eight-channel Flextech package, which includes channels like Bravo, will cost an additional 5.00.

Flextech initially made the decision to appoint Bates almost two months ago. However the decision was delayed according to insiders because the man who most impressed the Flextech marketing department – former Bates Communications managing director Martin Troughton – left the company.

Troughton is to start up a new direct marketing agency called HPT Brand Response, within advertising agency Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe.

However Bates was able to convince Flextech that they could still deliver the same quality service without Troughton.


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