Battle is on to pay for a President

Of all the wonders of the Internet, it is the medium’s ability to enable you to glean the most useless information and buy the most bizarre items that dazes the Diary the most.

Only last week, the Diary was able to use the wonderful Web to confirm that the name of the dog actor in The Littlest Hobo was, in fact, London, and not Rin Tin Tin, as so many people seem to think.

But of all the ‘Web wonders’ available, the burgeoning online auction industry offers some of the most amazing purchasing opport-unities known to man. Take online auction site For a starting price of &£1m, the HMS President – a World War I war ship that has been moored on the Thames for 75 years – is apparently up for grabs.

Form an orderly queue please.


Global prize still a long way off

Marketing Week

UK brewers are about to become a rare breed in danger of extinction. Bass has put its beer interests up for sale, and Whitbread is expected to follow suit in order to concentrate on more profitable businesses, such as hotels, leisure and restaurants. If these divestments go ahead successfully, it will leave Scottish & Newcastle […]

Associated Newspapers moots selling Metro ads through Net

Marketing Week

Associated Newspapers is considering selling advertising space for its free newspaper Metro over the Net. Press buyers and clients will be able to look at a flatplan and book ads online if the project goes ahead later this year. At present, no national papers sell ads to press buyers online. Metro managing director Mike Anderson […]

Yahoo! picks UK chief

Marketing Week

Yahoo!, the world’s most visited Internet search portal, has appointed a former international Durex marketer to lead the expansion of its UK business. Catherine Taylor, most recently worldwide marketing director for London International Group (LIG), owner of the Durex brand, takes up the position of Yahoo! UK & Ireland marketing director on April 10. The […]


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