BBC iPlayer update to launch on Playstation 3

The BBC will debut its new version of the iPlayer on Sony’s Playstation 3 console as part of a wider update of its TV catch-up player for web-connected TVs.



The update sees iPlayer extend to web-connected TV sets and set-top boxes, whose manufacturers are yet to be confirmed.

The move marks the latest step in the BBC’s four-screen strategy to make its content seamlessly available on the web, smartphones, tablets and web-connected TVs.

Earlier this summer the broadcaster launched its first BBC News web-connected TV app on Samsung TVs.

The new version of the iPlayer, which launches today (8 August) has been designed with improved search capability, according to the BBC. It also lets users create ’favourites’ lists, view their search history and quickly access previously watched programmes.

BBC general manager of programmes and on-demand Daniel Danker says launching an iPlayer product that’s as simple and intuitive an experience as watching TV will bring on-demand content to mainstream audiences.

“Last week, Ofcom reported that 10% of TV sets sold in the UK are internet ready. But BBC iPlayer is already available on over 300 connected TVs and Blu-ray disc players, which has resulted in a 5x growth of iPlayer on TV over the last 6 months alone. At this rate of growth, in the next few years we could well see over half of iPlayer use directly on the living room TV,” he said.

The previous versions of the iPlayer were already available on the PS3 and on Nintendo’s Wii conoles, while Channel 4 and ITV’s on demand services are also available on the PS3.

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