BBC Online claims to be UK’s favourite site

BBC Online has restated its claim to be the UK’s most visited Website, after unveiling audited traffic figures of 46.8 million page impressions across its sites in October.

The claim comes despite industry estimates which put traffic on Yahoo!’s UK and Ireland site well ahead of this headline figure.

But Yahoo! has yet to publish a revised audited traffic statement following an audit by ABC electronic for June, which put its site traffic at 44 million page impressions – comfortably ahead of the BBC’s own traffic total for the same period of 34.8 million.

A breakdown of the BBC’s traffic shows its general site ( running at 20.3 million page impressions a month, and its news area ( running at 20.1 million.

Traffic on BBC Online’s World Service (www. service) lagged at 1.95 million, while its commercially funded service, beeb @ the BBC service generated 4.43 million page impressions in total.


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