BBC to consult commercial rivals on strategy

The BBC is to consult rival commercial online media owners on strategy, according to the BBC Trust’s latest review, published today (14 December).

The Trust has stipulated that the BBC will regularly engage with the industry to discuss BBC Online, but hasn’t named any specific companies. This will be around areas “where the greatest sensitivities exit”, it says.

At least two official briefings will be held each year with industry rivals to “discuss online strategy and consult directly on the annual business plan”, the Trust adds.

The BBC will also publish annual business plans and budgets across all its services, to provide more transparency in how the licence fee is being spent.

In March, the BBC revealed plans to halve its online output and cut spend by 25% in its Putting Quality First strategy review.

It’s also overhauling its corporate websites, Media Centre, About the BBC, Contact Us and Corporate. These will all be redesigned with additional social features to engage users more and provide more transparency.

A new team has been put in place to drive the redesign. Sophie Brendel, head of digital engagement, will lead it, working closely with other BBC departments, including the audience and Future Media & Technology teams.

Ben Murray has been appointed digital editor; Jane Dudley and Hannah Khalil will become digital content managers; and Emily Commander has been appointed assistant digital editor and multimedia producer.

The BBC is now on the lookout for a corporate community manager, a digital editor to manage the corporate website, About the BBC website and blog.

Read the BBC Trust’s full report here

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