BBC Worldwide strikes Disney magazine deal

Disney and BBC Magazines have signed a deal to publish new Disney-branded titles for sevento 11-year olds.

As part of the deal, BBC Magazines plans to launch three pre-teen Disney-branded magazines next year and also to publish Disney’s existing children’s magazine, Big Time.

Disney’s Big Time, a monthly aimed at pre-teens, is currently published through Egmont Publishing, but the deal will end this year.

BBC Magazines is also planning to launch several one-off titles linked to Disney film releases.

Peter Phippen, managing director of BBC Magazines, says: “I am delighted that Disney has recognised the quality of our children’s magazines and is as excited about working with us as we are about working with it.”

BBC Magazines for pre-teens include FBX and BBC Smart. The January to June 2001 ABCs showed an increase in FBX’s circulation of 15.1 per cent year-on-year to 55,655. BBC Smart posted a decline of 10.1 per cent year on year, with a circulation of 42,163.

Disney’s Big Time reported a massive fall in circulation of 27 per cent year on year to 59,756.


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