Mega Profile in British Land deal

Marketing Week

Large-format banner company Mega Profile has agreed a partnership deal with property company British Land to erect giant posters on properties under development or renovation. After Land Securities, British Land is the largest property company in the UK, and is one of the biggest landlords in the City. As well as owning offices, shopping centres […]

Fancy joining this bunch of flankers?

Marketing Week

Walks along the river bank, hand in hand with some fair-haired androgyne as we recite Eliot to a bemused cow… the Diary always hated all that at university. Nor were lectures much of a draw. The Diary preferred to spend the time singing, puking, mooning and playing rugby (or “rugger” to those of us in […]

ITC clears BK ad

Marketing Week

The Independent Television Commission has cleared a Burger King ad showing a woman covered in bite marks, despite it attracting 83 complaints.


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