Be positive and move forward

It’s a difficult time for the marketing community as a whole, clients and agencies alike. While economies around the world were already moving into a recessionary climate, the tragic events of September 11 have reinforced this trend. Yet, while phrases like “battening down the hatches” seem to be de rigueur at the moment, I personally feel that people are taking an excessively negative attitude.

We have to get ourselves back onto the front foot as quickly as possible, not only to minimise any economic downturn, but to ensure that the terrorists don’t achieve their goal. Recessions come and go, and the way through them is not to stop spending, but to carefully evaluate how and where we spend our marketing budgets and innovate new strategies in order to maximise the effectiveness of all marketing activity.

Now, more than ever, we all need a positive attitude of mind to support our brands, products or services. We will all come through this difficult time, and those companies which keep a steady nerve and continue to plan and develop proactive marketing campaigns are likely to come through the strongest.

Richard Marshall

Business development director

Tullo Marshall Warren

London SW3


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