Be the Marketoonist! See your caption printed in Marketing Week

Do you fancy yourself as a cartoonist? Do captions just pop into your head? Well, put your skills to the test and enter our caption competition.

Marketoonist caption competition

If you’re the chosen ‘Master of Captions’ you’ll receive a signed print featuring your caption by the brilliant cartoonist Tom Fishburne, aka the Marketoonist. The winner will receive their print at this year’s Marketing Week Live.

The winning cartoon will be published and credited in Marketing Week online and in print. Enter our competition by writing your caption in the comments section below, or alternatively post your caption on Twitter or Facebook adding the hashtag #MWL16.

The competition closes at midnight on Thursday 14th April.

For inspiration check out all of the Marketoonist’s cartoons here. Best of luck!



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  1. Mark Wolstenholme 12 Apr 2016

    “Trying to get into the mindset of a Millenial is hard work. What’s a hipster Derek?”

  2. “I think we need something with a screen bigger than this one, but smaller than that.”

  3. “I think you’re right. Their ad works best at this size. Let’s take a look at that email next.”

  4. Jonathan Ellis 12 Apr 2016

    “What do you mean that we don’t communicate? I just liked the Facebook comment you made about the Tweet I sent earlier about the e-mail I received from this very product this afternoon?”

  5. John Warner 12 Apr 2016

    I can’t believe our parents’ generation had to talk to one another! No wonder they got divorced.

  6. Tom Branston 12 Apr 2016

    And then you take 4 of these little lines here, cross them over each other… and that’s how hashtags are made

  7. I’ve heard it’s cheaper than using a light bulb

  8. How’s the face tanning App working for you?

  9. Nick Lockey 12 Apr 2016

    Sure, the new TV looks great Bob but the jury’s still out on the speech bubble-shaped picture frame your mum got us for Christmas.

  10. Stuart 12 Apr 2016

    Right, that’s half the screens showing ads – I think it’s your turn to put the kettle on

  11. Karen 12 Apr 2016

    With all these devices we really need to invest in a voice operated TV remote control!

  12. GeoffG2 12 Apr 2016

    “who the f**k are you!!??…you remind me of my husband but I havn’t spoken to him in years….maybe I right swiped you on Tindr last Tuesday?…yes that’s it….I thought you looked familiar” *returns to scrolling through pictures of cats and food*

  13. Rebecca Elaine Smith 12 Apr 2016

    “Are you sure our HD box is recording this?”

  14. Rebecca Elaine Smith 12 Apr 2016

    “This is how the millennials do it, right?”

  15. Richard Khan 12 Apr 2016

    Which app walks the dog?

  16. Jasbeen Chunara 12 Apr 2016

    “Looks like we are going to spend our lifetime with these screens. What say?”

  17. Jasbeen Chunara 12 Apr 2016

    “OMG! We spent half our lives on these screens!”

  18. Worried I messed something up 12 Apr 2016

    Text me when the virtual reality goggles arrive.

  19. Zoanon 12 Apr 2016

    I told you GoogleBox was a TV show about watching people search on Google, I signed us both up for push notifications for when it starts!

  20. See darling! This mini calculator is the cheapest yet.

  21. “Isn’t it lucky Ian, this multiscreen world we live in means we might never have to speak to each other ever again……but I’ll save these divorce paper to my Drafts folder just incase.”

  22. Helen 12 Apr 2016

    “Oh darling, now that we have so many touch points I fear you’re neglecting mine.”

  23. “All of this technology and you still forgot our anniversary?!”

  24. Chris Arnold 12 Apr 2016

    “Dave – Our brand new multi-channel campaign has already got huge ROI… a massive 7 likes… from 2 people… at 1 address…”

  25. Tommy Castleman 12 Apr 2016

    “You just don’t app-reciate me anymore… You’re always leaving me to my own devices!”

  26. GeoffG2 12 Apr 2016

    “Darling….I think this must be your ipad as I don’t have any friends called ‘The Bull’ and he’s confirming a date tomorrow on grindr and reminding you to bring the methamphetamine… that your vet friend?”

  27. Paul A. Escajadillo 12 Apr 2016

    According to this article, having multiple devices decreases one’s attention sp… Oh look I just got a like!

  28. LittleChairs 13 Apr 2016

    Derek, I’m trying to FaceTime you. Why are you not answering? DEREK look at me!

  29. Caroline Davies 13 Apr 2016

    “Can you have your turn on Words With Friends” please?

  30. “When you asked for ‘a threesome’ darling, I didn’t think you on meant mobile, tablet and laptop, across multiple consumer touch points!”

  31. James Hossack 13 Apr 2016

    Agile working: Genuinely, I can’t remember if I’m at home or in the office.

  32. kathryn Mckelvie 13 Apr 2016

    “Right so I can skip ads on TV, block them on my laptop but how do I do it for mobile and tablets?”

  33. See…everyone’s using digital advertising.

  34. icurtis44 14 Apr 2016

    ‘Darling, you were jolly clever not to click on “Triplets”‘

  35. icurtis44 14 Apr 2016

    “Apple, orange, blackberry …how on earth do they expect us to get our 5-a-day?”

  36. Jim Clear 14 Apr 2016

    “The new campaign seems to be working well on mobile, but you’ve got to look at the bigger picture”

  37. Clara Chan 15 Apr 2016

    cookie, let’s get the new 180″ iPlaque

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