Bebo and digital media partner launch music download service

Social networking site Bebo and London-based digital media company 7digital have teamed up to launch a music download service on the Bebo site.

The new service means that Bebo’s 31 million users will be able to download music directly from the social networking site, using 7digital’s indiestore service.

Bebo has over 450,000 bands registered on its site and the partnership means these artists can now make money from their music. The deal will also mean that acts already signed up to indie-store will be promoted on Bebo Bands.

Bebo international president Joanna Shields says: “We’re adding more than 3,000 new bands and artists each day and affording individuals a voice to express themselves and share their music and passions with likeminded people. Music remains a defining part of the Bebo network experience and our partnership with 7digital will present additional value to our users allowing them to not only discover, but purchase music on Bebo.”

Bands that sign up to the service through Bebo Bands will be able to register for a free starter indiestore account, which permits them to sell four tracks, or a Pro account, which enables bands to sell 20 tracks. A specially developed widget and the integration of the two services means that after signing up and uploading their music, an artist just needs to click a button to seamlessly add the widget to their Bebo profile.

The widget then lists all the tracks that the artist has listed on indiestore and lets visitors listen to the tracks on the bands profile page. If visitors want to buy a track, they click “download” and are then directed to the band’s store at 7digital.


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