Bebo announces sponsors for reality TV show

Bebo has unveiled the line up for sponsors for its interactive reality show, The Gap Year. Sony PSP, Trident, Canon, The Royal Airforce, Acuvue, Doritos, STA Travel and Tourism Australia and Tourism Auckland are all lined up to appear in the show.

The Gap Year will follow six Bebo users from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and US on a gap year travelling around the world. The brands will be integrated into the show’s plotlines following the success of online dramas, KateModern and Sofia’s Diary.

Bebo aims to integrate the sponsorships into the show to “maintain natural viewing” through events that they travellers attend and the way they travel. For example, Tourism Australia and Tourism Auckland have designed travel trails for travellers, while STA is sponsoring a road trip for one participant and the RAF will host mental and physical challenges at a number of its bases.

Each brand will have a Bebo profile page, user competitions and other interactive web based experiences. The Gap Year will premier on Bebo on May 21.


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