Beck’s lines up music promotion across its brands

Beck’s is launching a sales promotion across three of its brands to further cement its relationship with art and music.

Beck’s Pils, Beck’s Vier and Beck’s Blue are joining forces for the first time in a joint on-pack promotion offering consumers one free music download with every limited edition art label bottle or can they buy.

The Beck’s Pils bottles will also bear a unique design by the French band Phoenix, whilst the Beck’s Blue bottles and Beck’s Vier cans showcase designs by emerging artists.

The initiative is in partnership with and will see more than 25 million free music downloads available to both off and on-trade customers. Promotional stock will carry a unique code on the back of the bottle or under the can ring-pull which shoppers can use to redeem their free download.

The brewer will invest in “heavyweight” advertising to support the Free Music Downloads promotion. This takes in outdoor, experiential, press and digital advertising activity running from the end of September until November.

The ads will carry the message “Free Music with Every Art Label”.

Fabienne Rollot, marketing director for Beck’s Western Europe, says: “This promotion builds on a unique association between Beck’s and art and music stretching back more than 20 years.”

“It offers consumers the chance to claim a valuable reward – free music downloads – which will attract more people to the brands and incentivise purchase.”

Beck’s hosted mini-music events and launched limited edition glasses for the Vier brand over the summer.



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