Beefeater Gin unveils brand refresh as it returns with first major campaign in 12 years

The brand is hoping to capitalise on growing consumer demand for gin and fight off newer “local” brands.

Beefeater GinBeefeater Gin has overhauled its advertising to focus less on London stereotypes and adopt a “more modern” approach.

The Pernod Ricard-owned brand has launched a new “brand world” in co-ordination with creative agency Impero, in a bid to target a new generation of gin drinkers.

The brand claims the activity is its “first true” above-the-line campaign in the UK for 12 years. The new nationwide campaign includes murals in both London and Manchester, as well as traditional outdoor buys in three other cities across the UK. There will also be a digital campaign.

“We wanted to move away from a stereotypical tourist view of London to what the city represents to those living there now. We adopted a more urban and modern approach,” Adam Boita, head of marketing at Pernod Ricard UK, tells Marketing Week.

“And with our out-of-home campaign, we wanted to feel as though we’re part of fabric of the city, rather than relying on TV.”

With our out-of-home campaign, we wanted to feel as though we’re part of the fabric of the city, rather than relying on TV.

Adam Boita, Pernod Ricard

Beefeater Gin is eager to capitalise on a growing gin market, where premium gin is doing particularly well. Figures from Mintel show UK gin sales increased 8% year on year to reach £1.3bn in 2016, and gin has grown its share of the total spirits market in both value and volume terms over the past five years, now accounting for 20% of value and 15% of volume. Value sales are expected to see a 45.5% jump in the next four years, fuelled by the ongoing craft movement, while volumes are forecast to see a 22% rise to reach 39 million litres in 2021.

As the campaign goes national, Boita says the brand wanted to be “sensitive” to the perception of London outside of the capital. While London’s campaign will be very much focused on the city, the campaign for other cities will focus on the brand’s red and white colours and the bottle shape in a bid not to be too “London centric”.

The brand also faces hefty competition from newer “craft” brands. But while Boita admits there are “quite a few local gins on the rise”, he says this campaign will remind consumers of its historic credentials.

He concludes: “We’re the most awarded gin, we’ve been around for many years and and we’ve stood the test of time.”