From sausage rolls to salads: Behind the scenes at Greggs

Four years ago Greggs was struggling to win over customers but CEO Roger Whiteside has turned things around by shifting focus from bakery to food-on-the-go.

On joining Greggs in 2013, at a point when the brand was experiencing a sustained period of falling sales, CEO Roger Whiteside took the bold decision to switch up the core focus of the business.

Research he commissioned suggested that while customers once bought baked goods to take home and consume they now wanted something quick and easy to eat while out and about, as well as healthier alternatives.

It’s this insight that has reshaped the business and brought it back to life.

Marketing Week takes a behind-the-scenes look at the rejuvenated Greggs business and speaks to both Whiteside and newly-appointed customer director Hannah Squirrell at its Newcastle headquarters and factory.

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