Beiersdorf takes on Crookes with ‘problem skin’ range

Beiersdorf, the makers of the Nivea skincare range, is launching a new skincare range in the UK called Eucerin to take on Crookes Healthcare’s E45 range.

Eucerin was launched in the US in 1980 and, with 50m sales a year, is the leading dermatology cream. It is also available across Europe. The products include two lotions, a cream and a cleanser.

Unlike Nivea, which is a cosmetics brand, Eucerin will be marketed as a problem-skin product.

Beiersdorf will spend 1m on a UK advertising campaign and will also be sending out 1.5 million samples.

The products are to retail in all pharmacy chains and many independent pharmacies at about 6 to 8.

Landor, the design agency, has been asked to redesign the packaging worldwide to make it more consumer friendly and to give it a “softer” look.


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