Benefiting from French comrades

I read with interest your news analysis “Coming to terms with les anglais” (MW February 17). Our company, Creation Financial Services – the retail store card provider, was purchased in February 1999 by the leading French financial organisations Banque Nationale de Paris and Cofinoga.

We have found our business has benefited not only from the credibility of being owned by such major players in the European financial services market, but also from a refreshing change in terms of business practice and process.

I believe that taking a “partnership” as opposed to the “them and us” approach is the only way to go. We have successfully integrated French staff into our organisation and our key UK managers have embraced the French culture not least by learning the language.

Certainly cultural differences exist, but in spite of these, business objectives and aims remain the same. I agree with the sentiment of De Puyfontaine that the way forward is to work together towards a common goal rather than allowing the differences to hinder progress.

Debbie Allmey

Managing director

Creation Financial Services


West Midlands


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