Benetton ‘challenges clichés’ on unemployed

United Colours of Benetton has launched its latest bid to rid the world of hatred with a global campaign to “challenge the cliché” that unemployed young people are “useless, lazy anarchists”.


The clothing brand wants the “unemployee of the year” campaign to draw attention to record levels of youth unemployment globally.

In a bid to “assert a belief in the creativity of the world’s youth”, Benetton is calling on 18-30 year olds in ads on MTV, online and in print to submit project ideas that will benefit their local communities. The 100 projects with the most public votes will win €5000 (£4027) funding.

A self-proclaimed “ironic” marketing campaign featuring “non-employed” 18-30 year olds from around the world wearing business suits will support the initiative.

It is the latest campaign to support Benetton’s “Unhate Foundation”, setup last year to “promote a culture of non-hate”. Ads to launch the foundation showed political and religious leaders from different divides kissing. One, featuring Pope Benedict XVI kissing an Egyptian imam, was withdrawn after a threat of legal action from the Vatican.



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