Bespoke is better than mass-produced

“Right buyer, right now” (Data Strategy, August) raised some interesting points about the lead generation market, but the most noteworthy line is that you “can have quality, recency or price, but not all three”. Indeed, you can sum up the current market with the old adage, “you get what you pay for”.

Quality comes at a price and volume doesn’t necessarily equate to revenue. If you’re paying 7p for a lead, then it’s no surprise that you’re going to need a high volume of leads to make it worth your while. Whereas if you’re willing to pay a bit more, you’ll get a much more bespoke and ultimately more profitable and effective lead generation campaign.

Using client-specific surveys, defined customer criteria and a dedicated team of call centre operatives, you’ll not only get a greater number of qualified leads to convert, but it will ultimately save you time and resources.

John Pooley, managing director, The Data Partnership

Corrrection: In last month’s issue, the letter headlined “Take to the clouds for information” was incorrectly attributed. It was written by Nick Thompson, managing director, DSCL Software


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