Best Low Budget Sponsor

Winning sponsor: London Electricity


Project: Serious New Audience Scheme, London Jazz Festival 1999

Sponsor: London Electricity

Entered by: Serious

The scheme provided subsidised tickets and free transport for selected socially disadvantaged groups to attend two shows at the Royal Festival Hall. A total of 774 people attended the two concerts, representing 27 different groups.


Project: “On Air” at the Science Museum

Sponsor: 95.8 Capital FM

Entered by: The Science Museum

The “On Air” replica radio station at the Science Museum enabled Capital to reach its target audience (ABC1 teenagers) and promote its product to parents and teachers. Visitors were invited to produce a radio ad.

Project: Team Hi-Tec and the 1999 Eco Challenge, Argentina

Sponsor: Hi-Tec

Entered by: Capitalize

Sponsorship of the team focused on team training as well as the event. With the extra publicity, estimates show that for a cost of £25,000, the actual advertising value achieved was £300,000.

Project: The Culinary Adventures of Whisk and Spoon

Sponsor: New Covent Garden Soup Company

Entered by: Children Nationwide

A “fresh and healthy” message to families with children was the aim. Its relationship with children’s charity Children Nationwide and publication The Culinary Adventures of Whisk and Spooní appeals to children.


Sugar’s vision sweetens risk

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Has the wizard of Brentwood finally lost his magic? Alan Michael Sugar, the man who brought us bargain basement stereos that got rid of the spaghetti, cheap personal computers and word processors – and made himself a fortune, once valued at £600m – is at it again. This time he has vowed to bring Internet […]

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In all of marketing there is no battleground bloodier than the nation’s high streets. The conflict is unceasing; there are no outright victories – mere survival is a form of triumph; but defeats abound, the death toll is high, and even the mighty can fall. Who would have thought, just a year ago, that those […]


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