Best of both World Cups

Next month will see the sporting event the world has been holding its breath for – the Advertising World Cup.

The event has been organised by Leagas Delaney and it promises that egos will clash, bellies will roll and even the odd goal may be scored.

A total of 16 five-a-side teams from different agencies will show off their silky skills and battle it out for the title of World Ad Champions on June 4 at the spiritual home of football – Wembley’s Goals Soccer Centre.

The Diary confidently predicts that the best thing to come out of the event will be the money raised for the UN World Food Programme.

The event is being promoted by the team at Leagas Delaney, which has produced an ad showing what we can expect creatives to come up with from the moment the World Cup kicks off until England’s ignominious exit.

The call to arms features a series of ads for brands including M&S and Persil, which feature inspiring straplines such as “nice pants & food” and “get mud off stuff”.

It would be funny if it probably weren’t true.


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