Entertainment overtakes FMCG as best paid sector for marketers

Entertainment unseats FMCG to be crowned the best paid sector for marketers, according to the 2021 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey, while those working for an industry or trade body bring up the rear in the salary stakes.

Salary Survey top three best paid sectorsEntertainment is the best paid sector for marketers, according to Marketing Week’s 2021 Career and Salary Survey.

The analysis of pay across 23 different sectors finds entertainment is the best paid sector for marketing on average, with a mean salary of £73,700. It is followed by FMCG (£72,200), which was crowned the best paid sector in 2020, beauty (£72,000) and financial services (£69,200).

Meanwhile, marketers working for an industry or trade body earn on average the lowest salary of the 23 sectors analysed, at £45,800. This is followed by education (£50,000) and the public sector (£50,700).

Compared to last year, average marketing salaries in the entertainment industry are up 32%, while FMCG average salaries have risen by 13% and pay in the beauty sector is up 45%.

The Career and Salary Survey data also reveals the span of average marketing salaries as people progress through their careers. Pay runs from an average of £24,100 for a marketing assistant to £144,000 for a CMO.

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*Average salaries are calculated from full-time (35+ hours a week) respondents providing their basic annual salary, excluding any additional benefits. The gaming and gambling sector has been left out this year due to the smaller sample size. 



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