The best and worst paid sectors for marketers

At the top end of the pay scale are marketers working in automotive, while those in education are paid the least.

Marketers working in the automotive sector have been revealed as the highest paid, according to Marketing Week’s exclusive Career & Salary Survey.

The mean salary for full-time marketers working at automotive brands is £67,846, putting it top of the 24 categories analysed. This is followed by consumer electronics (£67,753) and health and pharmaceuticals (£67,636).

Meanwhile, marketers working in education are paid the least, according to this year’s data, with a mean salary of £50,709.

Paid slightly more, but still at the bottom end of the scale, are those working in travel and leisure (£52,888) and sport (£53,490).

The average salaries for the Career & Salary Survey are calculated from full-time workers (35+ hours a week) providing their basic annual salary, excluding any additional benefits.

Marketing Week will be publishing more in-depth salary benchmarking data for all sectors, as well a breakdown of average salaries split by seniority, and the best and worst paid sectors for male and female marketers tomorrow.

Over the coming weeks, Marketing Week will be publishing a series of exclusive news and features based on the findings of the 2024 Career & Salary Survey, including the impact of tightening budgets, pay disparities and the state of marketing salaries. Click here to view everything we’ve published so far.