Betsafe cashes in on customer data

Online gaming company Betsafe is centralising its player data into a marketing database that will be used to drive multi-channel marketing activity.


With over 500,000 customers since its launch in January 2006, Betsafe is looking to improve player retention and profitability through timely and relevant communications.

“We’re in a competitive and fast-moving business,” says Henrik Ekdahl Persson, CEO for Betsafe. “To us it’s all about the best possible player experience and to maintain the most relevant communication across the player lifecycle.”

He adds: “With our new CRM tool, we aim to not only enable us to achieve these marketing objectives, but to do so with increased automation and efficiency. We’ll have an integrated view of the player across channels, history and preferences. We’ve grown so fast, to 500,000 players, and I’m excited about the stage this will bring us to next.”

The new database provides an up-to-date view of players and prospective players at every level of engagement. Betsafe is leveraging this with a digital marketing solution specifically designed for games companies, including marketing through email, mobile, SMS, landing page, microsite, RSS and social media networks.


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