Betting service rapped by ASA over ‘profit’ claims

An ad for tipster Peter Naughton has been banned for implying that its service can help customers generate “long-term profits” following complaints from members of a parliamentary betting group. 

Peter Naughton
An image from Peter Naughton’s website.

The Advertising Standards (ASA) today (3 July) released the ruling after an investigation into an ad in the Racing Post which sparked a complaint from Lord David Lipsey, vice-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Betting and Gaming and member of the Starting Price Regulatory Commission, who was acting in a personal capacity.   

The ad read: “Peter Naughton the ethical edge CALL 0XXXX XXX XXX LONG-TERM PROFITS If you are looking for long-term profits, Peter is the man to follow. The Ethical Edge is an extremely selective informative daily tipping service.” 

The ASA said the ad contravened sections of the CAP Code, adding that advertising for betting tipster services should not imply such services are very likely, or certain to, generate a profit.

However, the ASA dismissed other claims that Peter Naughton’s ads also made unsubstantiated claims as to the accuracy of his recommendations.


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