Beware of acrimony over acronym

The final word on Maurice Saatchi, his links with higher beings – most notably the Gods who inspired the Saatchi name – and what that name really stands for.

For anybody who is confused at this point, please consult MW Diary July 21 and 28. Duncan Willoughby at Thomas Kean Advertising has blown any chance of ever working at M&C Saatchi – or indeed anywhere else for that matter – with his suggestion that Saatchi actually means Stuff Advertising Any Thicko Can Hack It. He did offer other options but the Diary will not dwell on those. An alternative came from Chris Sharpe at Bostock & Sharpe, clearly a pro-Mo version at the expense of Maurice’s nemesis David Herro. Smart Ass Agency Trounces Canadian Herro Interference. Sadly Herro is not from Canada with a C, but from Wisconsin with a W which opens up a whole new set of possibilities.


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