BFI builds audience database

The British Film Institute is creating a single customer view of its audiences in order to build a profile and understand the needs of its customers. GB Group is working with the BFI to create the SCV which will consolidate multiple member and customer databases itno a single source.

“We have a lot of disparate data sources around the organisation but had no central system to access it,” says Gail Cohen, marketing director at the BFI. “A recent review of our marketing and membership strategy prompted us to look into the ways in which we engage with our audiences. This highlighted the need to create a single customer view to understand our audiences and improve the customer experience by delivering highly-targeted marketing communications.”

She adds: “By consolidating our data, we will be able to increase our knowledge of our customer behaviour, thereby communicating to them at the relevant stages of their customer journey and improving our overall marketing effectiveness.” Data is collected by the Institute in a number of ways, with thousands of pieces of information held across multiple platforms.

The new SCV will allow the marketing team to interrogate data, run queries and analyses and make campaign selections. Core business objectives for the BFI are to improve campaign response rates, generate additional revenue and grow its audience and member base. Automation of internal information processes will also improve efficiency.


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