BhS’s Sylvester ads on target

I know it was quiet last week, but you really should not adopt “tabloid tactics” to drum up stories where none exist. I refer to your story about BhS dropping ad star Sylvester “BhS review signals end for ad star” (MW March 31).

First, BhS is not reviewing Sylvester – we are. This is an important difference. As you stated, the pre-Christmas campaign achieved all its targets, so we have decided to be even more ambitious.

In the light of this, we are testing extensions to the Sylvester campaign alongside other “happening” ideas. So we may or may not drop Sylvester.

Both Helena Packshaw and I made this clear to your reporters, which is why it is disappointing to read a story that starts by casting doubts on the efficacy of the campaign and may well upset Sylvester.

Rupert Howell


HHCL & Partners

London W1


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