‘Biased’ review of Silk Cut mag

As your article on customer magazines (MW November 17) pointed out, research is imperative to measure the impact of a publication against its objectives. A pity then that your own research led you to quote a dismissive comment (unattributed) on our Silk Cut magazine, labelling it “irrelevant and ineffective”.

From my own humble research efforts, I am given to understand that the “heavy criticism” in question originated – not from the magazine’s target audience – but from spokespersons representing one or more of my competitors. This is hardly in the best traditions of rigorous research methodology, although I empathise with the temptation to produce provocative copy.

As for findings from independent research, I can confirm, on behalf of my client, that we are delighted with the magazine’s reception from the truly important people – its readers.

William Seighart


Forward Publishing

London W1


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