BIB near end of search for new directors

British Interactive Broadcasting (BIB) is close to appointing a permanent marketing director and a sales director.

Chris Townsend, acting marketing director for the BIB, says: “We will be making appointments for these posts in three or four weeks. For both roles we are looking at people who will come from outside TV.”

Townsend adds: “Those appointed will look after the day-to-day running of the sales and marketing operations at a director level. I will then oversee these roles.”

BIB is a consortium of four companies – BSkyB, BT, Midland Bank and Japanese electronics giant Matsushita – and will launch a range of branded 24-hour TV shopping channels next spring.

The shopping network is also close to appointing a design agency, and a TV identity agency, who will come up with an on-screen marque for the station (MW September 25). These will be the first elements in a brand-building campaign worth 10m. BIB will appoint an advertising agency in the new year.

Townsend says: “Once these posts are in place, we can go forward on the agency appointments.”

BIB excepts to sign up to 30 deals with retailers on its channels, worth about 500,000 each, by the beginning of December.


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