Big cheese fails to woo the Diary

The Diary seems to have acquired a stream of admirers over the past year, having been inundated with Valentine cards.

PR company Bite Communications went straight for the jugular. Its card showed the corporate “Bite” logo planted on someone’s neck – the message inside reading “lovebite”, of course.

Even celebrities got in on the act, with Lara Croft using her crack shot with a bow and arrow to send a love heart to the Diary’s desk.

Being the generous type, the Dairy proved very popular in the office after distributing a dozen red roses courtesy of

But the prize for the cheesiest Valentine’s card went to the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Lucky recipients were asked: “Looking for someone to call this Valentine’s Day?” Revealed inside were the gorgeous heart-shaped faces of the CIM press office team, complete with their phone numbers.

Hasn’t the CIM got anything better to do than attempt to set up a dating agency for its staff? Fortunately, the Diary wasn’t that desperate, but it hopes Annie, John and Claire got lucky.


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