Big data a vehicle to drive interaction…

big data

Big data a vehicle to drive interaction…

As more consumers identify themselves as ‘brands in their own right’, marketers need to harness this huge influx of information, remain focused on creating an emotional connection with customers and make this a priority when planning ‘constant presence’ marketing strategies (

While data is a useful tool for marketers looking to gain insight into consumer behaviour, essentially it is a vehicle to creating strategies that resonate with customers and encourage them to interact with the brand.

After all, it is only when we measure the impact on the customer that we can see how truly valuable big data can be.

Ian Stockley
Managing director, Indicia

…After marketers apply the insight to ad campaigns

I agree with Laure Reillier when she says how important it is when dealing with big data to find the right people with the right skills. As she rightly states, analytics cannot be divorced from marketing skills and strategy if maximum results are to be achieved.

Big data is not necessarily as new a concept to marketers as some may be making out; many have been aware of huge volumes of data for a long time. However, to keep databases fresh, the challenge now for marketers is to attract and retain people and partners who have the right skills to harness this information and make it work for each individual business.

Data and creativity go hand in hand, and so those marketers that can apply insight and analytics successfully to campaigns are those that will not only get the best from their database, but will do so in the knowledge that they will be benefiting their business as a whole.

Ruaraidh Thomas
Managing director, Lateral Group

The party is over, so create new talking points

While Olympic sponsor brands have a commercial responsibility to live up to the ‘legacy promise” that comes as part of the territory, it’s also true that they and non-sponsor brands will be facing up to one almighty hangover.

After the combined highs of the Jubilee, Euro 2012 and the Olympics, the months ahead look pretty barren, with little on the horizon for our nation to offer cheer.

But what do wil fil that vacuum with? Cue the return of the big idea. Successful brands will be those who can create campaigns that can stand alone without the help of what 2012 so generously brought both in natural content-leverage and national optimism. They will know how to innovate and take risks and ultimately create new, unique ‘events’ of their own across their 2013 marketing calendars.

It’s about creating a talking point and giving consumers something of value. Gold medals will be won in 2013 when brands and retailers rise above their traditional cat and mouse relationships and come together to create truly exciting shopper-facing partnerships.

As Winston Churchill said: “Gentlemen, we have run out of money; now we have to think.” The double whammy of deepening recession and Olympics hangover presents a similar challenge for brands, retailers and their agencies. Let battle commence.

Darren Keen



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