Big screen experience offers brands many opportunities

Lego should be congratulated for using film tie-ups to create branded extension opportunities (see Q&A, page 22).

But brands do not have to be as big as Lego or in partnership with a distributor like Warner Brothers to capitalise on film as a marketing tool.

There are many stages at which a brand can promote itself via film. While many companies consider the promotional opportunities when the film is in production, the pre-release build-up for many productions offers a time when on-pack promotions, sponsorships and competitions can come into play, which can last for the duration of its run at the cinema.

DVD releases offer an additional route to market, while further opportunities arise when the film makes its debut on cable and then terrestrial television.

The complete film lifecycle is such that brands of all sizes can use the power of film to drive their marketing strategy forward, globally, nationally and even regionally.

David Pearson, director, Filmology