Big Society Network launches first branded programmes

The Big Society Network, the independently funded charity that supports Prime Minister David Cameron’s volunteering and giving initiative, is launching its first branded programmes to push the idea “into action”.


The projects will work in partnership with charities, businesses and social investors aiming to make it easier for people to give their time, expertise and money to support local communities.

A new programme called Nexters aims to support and showcase social projects. The Big Society Network has identified 20 entrepreneurs as its first “Nexters” who have developed services to help people engage with charities, mostly digitally.

A dedicated website, developed by Earth Creative Strategies, the agency that also created the Nexters brand, will provide information about the 20 ambassadors and how to get involved with community projects.

Lucy Windmill, engagement manager at the Big Society Network, says: “We see this as the new direction of CSR. Partners can get involved for the long-term to provide financial support or pro bono expertise.”

The Big Society Network has also launched Spring, a new research and development programme in partnership with Nominet Trust and NESTA.

The programme aims to become a national centre for “thought leadership” and showcasing and brokering investment in technology-enabled giving in the UK.

Prime Minister David Cameron launched a Government White Paper today (23 May) pledging more than £40m in support for the voluntary sector in order to invigorate the Big Society Initiative.

Cameron said in a keynote speech today: “The Big Society is not some fluffy add-on to more gritty and important subjects. This is about as gritty and important as it gets – giving everyone the chance to get on in life and making our country a better place to live.”

The Government has relaunched the Big Society Push with an increased focus on social networks and mobile to increase awareness of the message, which was a key theme of last year’s general election campaign.


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