Biggles goes AWOL to avoid French dust-up

The Diary loves nothing better than a festive mystery and was intrigued by the spiffing Cluedo-style Christmas card from ad agency Isobel.

But the Diary sensed intrigue – and sure enough, the drama of the photoshoot was revealed this week.

The original plan was for the card to feature planning director Steve Hastings’ handsome Labrador Biggles. But as the team gathered for the shoot, Biggles took himself off for walkies – on his own.

Despite a frantic search the dog was gone – but in advertising, as in showbusiness, the motto is “the show must go on” and a cunning plan was hatched.

Straws were drawn and a replacement was found in the form of senior account director Oliver von Holzing, who was less than chuffed to have to don the doggy outfit.

Crouching on the carpet, “saucy French maid” Racquel, aka creative Rachel Donovan, was on hand to keep the frisky German Shepherd in check with her pink duster.

Anyone concerned about Biggles’ fate will be pleased to hear that straight after the shoot the cast, still in costume, quickly tracked down the camera-shy pooch in a side road.


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