to launch blitz on the UK has secured a gaming licence, which will allow it to advertise in the UK. The company is planning a major blitz in the UK, after the licence was granted by the European Union. has been operating out of the West Indies but since forming a Maltese subsidiary it has met the criteria for an EU license, which it has been seeking since 2006.

Under the terms of a letter of intent issued by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority, is now free to market its website and services within the UK. The company has to meet certain terms and conditions, of which it says it has met the majority and anticipates it will complete the remainder over the next few weeks.

The company operates multi-player bingo websites, which also offer slot machine games and sweepstakes and an online community. It has almost 2m registered users and is one of the most well-known bingo operators on the internet. chief executive Tarmie Williams says the company is “excited” to have the opportunity to strengthen its position in Europe and cites the UK as a “critical” market. was hit by the US clampdown on internet gambling in 2006, which led to many online gaming operators seeing drastic drops in revenue.


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