Birds Eye highlights 100% quality message in latest ad push

Birds Eye is unveiling an integrated marketing campaign aimed at highlighting its commitment to 100% quality across the Birds Eye portfolio.

Birdseye's Clarence
Birdseye’s Clarence

The £9m campaign, which breaks today (10 May) will also try to further educate consumers on the benefits of frozen vegetables, a theme it first adopted earlier this year.

Birds Eye says it developed the campaign on the back of consumer research, and, aims to “directly address concerns by helping to rebuild trust in the frozen category and re-establish a benchmark standard by championing the quality of ingredients used in Birds Eye products.”

Under the banner of, “We’re only content with 100%”, Birds Eye will call out claims for its family favourite lines: Fish Fingers that are made from 100% Fish Fillet, Chicken Dippers that are made from 100% chicken breast and Garden Peas that are 100% perfect.

These claims will be reflected on pack with a prominent 100% rosette.

The campaign will be fronted by a straight-talking polar bear, voiced by Hollywood actor Willem Dafoe, who lives in the freezer and is a big fan of Birds Eye. He will remind mums of the convenience, quality and taste that the brand provides.

In three TV ads, featuring Fish Fingers, Chicken Dippers and Garden Peas, the bear is very vocal in his thoughts on the quality of food mum is feeding her family. Riled by the presence of poor quality substitutes in the freezer, he proceeds to educate mum that the only way to go is the 100% quality of Birds Eye.

Birds Eye marketing director, Ben Pearman, says: “There remain many entrenched myths about the quality of frozen food in the UK. We’ve developed a break-through campaign that gets these important messages across in a way that we know will really engage consumers and drive a level of re-appraisal for the whole frozen category. It’s a major investment for us and we are very confident its going to yield excellent results for ourselves and our customers.”

Consumers will see the TV and radio activity for an initial 10-week stretch and it will return for a second hit in September.

There will also be extensive multimedia activity running from the launch of the campaign and into November, including radio, consumer media partnerships, a PR campaign, direct mail, digital and social media, and display and promotional in-store opportunities.


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