Bisto plans new flavours for Yorkshire pudding range

Bisto, the gravy granules and sauces brand, is extending its new chilled Yorkshire puddings and ramping up support for the range in an attempt to raise awareness of the product and develop the brand in new markets.

The product, which is a Yorkshire pudding filled with Bisto gravy, is being extended to include sage & onion and mint & rosemary versions. Parent company Centura Foods is planning to support the range with television advertising, although details are not yet available.

Centura introduced the first products in the range late last year but has yet to run any advertising or marketing support. A spokeswoman for Bisto confirms there are plans for a significant campaign that will include both above- and below-the-line activity.

The new flavours will be launched in September.

Aunt Bessie’s, owned by Tryton Foods, dominates the chilled and frozen Yorkshire pudding sector. It has also moved into other areas of frozen and chilled foods, such as pies and desserts.


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