BitTorrent aims to launch TV website

BitTorrent, the peer-to-peer internet company, is looking to join Joost, the internet television service, in launching an ad-supported TV programme website.

The US company already provides a pay internet service where users can download movies, TV shows and music videos.

Eric Patterson, BitTorrent vice-president and consumer services general manager, says: “We see us moving to an advertising-supported model at the end of the year so people can consume TV shows in the same way they consume programmes on television.”

One-third of all P2P traffic on the internet is downloaded from BitTorrent, and the company last month launched the BitTorrent Entertainment Network. The Network has rights to more than 3,000 films, 1,000 games and 1,000 music videos and has signed deals with Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., MGM and Lionsgate.

The company is also planning to add a digital-rights-management-free music download service.

Joost recently signed a deal with Viacom that will see the US media giant provide the company with hundreds of TV shows.


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