Bizarre measures to halt the millennium massacre

While most people are concerned with making their computers year 2000 compatible, one group aims to save the millions of millennium bugs set for slaughter before next year.

This bizarre and extremely tongue-in-cheek task is being carried out by the Amsterdam-based registered charity KKFPCMB, which stands for Kesselkramer’s Foundation for the Prevention of Cruelty to Millennium Bugs – of course.

Bug-saving packages, which contain a booklet outlining the history of the bug and a “save the millennium bug” program installed on a floppy disk, are being sent to the media.

The accompanying press release says: “The KKFPCMB advises you to download your millennium bug onto this floppy disk and send it back to us, where we can give it a safe home in one of our computers. In return you will receive a Certificate of Compassion.”

The company wants the world to take note of what it calls the “brutal murder” of bugs and claims to have sent bug packs to Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Richard Branson.


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