Black cabs to match ads to areas they drive through

Taxi Media is launching a package that will allow advertising to target specific audiences, based on where black cabs operate.

The scheme, to be rolled out across its 12,000-strong fleet of taxis, has been developed from research including driver surveys and monitoring of the typical routes its taxis take using satellite tracking. It has allowed the company to identify where individual drivers spend most of their time on the road.

Taxi Media, which is owned by Clear Channel Outdoor, has divided its fleet into ten groups so that advertisers can focus their campaigns around taxis that are most likely to ply their trade close to their ideal audience.

The groups include Entertainment, for taxis around the theatres of the West End; and Business and Finance, for taxis that operate mostly around the City. Other sectors include Fashion & Retail, Airports and Commuter.

Taxi Media claims that 10.4 million people see a taxi ad every week, while 61% of people who notice taxi ads are in the ABC1 demographic.

The medium attracts many high profile brands, including The Business, 02 and champagne house Moët & Chandon, which currently has a cab covered in 200,000 Swarovski crystals (MW October 19).

Advertising formats in cabs include supersides, fully liveried taxis, branded receipts and tip seats. The new system is similar to that used by Clear Channel in its other outdoor formats, such as poster sites and Adshel bus shelters.

Separately, Clear Channel Outdoor has launched a campaign to raise awareness of its London portfolio with agencies. The London Calling campaign launches on six-sheet sites around the capital this week.


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