Black Tomato launches Breaking Bad holidays

Bespoke travel company Black Tomato has created a portfolio of holidays based on TV Box Set series such as Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Mad Men.

Travel company Black Tomato is creating journeys based on box sets.

The portfolio, under the brand “Set Jetting”, launches this week and offers six options inspired by TV drama locations.

For instance, the Breaking Bad trip takes in a visit to Albuquerque, a chance to dine in the restaurant branded Los Pollos Hermanos in the series and a New Mexico desert trip in an RV, while Game of Thrones offers the chance to travel from locations in Iceland to Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Other holiday themes are based on Downton Abbey, Lost and The Bridge.

Black Tomato is devising a content marketing plan to focusing on the locations of the shows, for example an interview with a set location manager on their job or tips on how to survive on a desert island, which is relevant to Lost.
Social media activity will include working with relevant bloggers from the worlds of television and travel and creating imagery and infographs design to go viral to support the campaign. 
The company’s own database will be emailed over the next six weeks with the incentive that anyone buying one of the set jetting trips will also receive a complimentary year subscription to Netflix.

The boutique holiday space is seen as having a lot of potential with new contender Secret Earth, based on a membership model, launching last month.

Black Tomato has just opened an American office based in New York.

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